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50th Anniversary CD

We have supplied 30 second samples of each song. Please click on the song name within the player blelow to listen.

  • Choral director: Priscilla Richardson
  • Accompanist: Jeff Cheal
  • Flautist: Robyn Marsden
  • Recording & Production: Ian Filby
  1. How Can I Keep From Singing

    Traditional arranged by B.Ellinghoe.

  2. Nella Fantasia

    E.Morrocone arranged by A.Snyder, Trio: Carol Arnold, Judith Nilsson & Gaye Oldham.

  3. Take These Wings

    Don Besig

  4. You Raise Me Up

    Graham/Loveland, arranged by R. pmerson

  5. Wishing You Were Somehow Near Again

    Andrew Lloyd Webber, arranged by B.C. Turner

  6. One Hand, One Heart

    Leonard Bernstein, arranged by B.C Turner

  7. Keep The Flame Alive

    Carl Strommen

  8. I Believe

    Drake, Graham, Shirl, Stillman, arranged by Beard & Tucker

  9. For We Wish You Music

    D.E. Wagner

  10. Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears

    B.Graham, arranged by J.Leavitt. Solo: Viv Curtain

  11. Australian Medley

    Arrange by David Lawrence

  12. Fields of Gold

    G.M. Summer, arranged by R.pmerson

  13. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

    Weiss, Peretti, Creatore, arranged by J.Funk

  14. If I Loved You

    R.Rodgers, arranged by W.Stickles

  15. We Are The Music

    Carl Strommen

  16. Ave Maria

    Caccini, arranged by P.M. Liebergen

  17. Through The Eyes Of Love

    M.Hamlisch, arranged by J.Leavitt. Solo: Carol Arnold

  18. Peace I Leave With You

    Mozart, arranged by D.Moore



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