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Listed below are some of our previous concerts. A full list of of our concerts back to 2001 can be found here.

  • We Wish You Music (2012)
  • Comfort & Joy (2012)
  • Hopes & Dreams (2013
  • Homecomings at Christmas (2013)
  • Why We Sing (2014)
  • What We Need At Christmas (2014)
  • Sing Me A Story (2015)
  • Happy Christmas (2015)
  • The Long Road Home (2016)
  • We Need A Little Christmas (2016)
  • 'A Kaleidoscope fo Song' (2017
  • Christmas Joy (2017)
  • 60th Anniversary Concert (2018)
  • ....And Everyone Sang (2019)
  • Candlelight Christmas (2019)

In general you could describe the music performed at concerts by Lindisfarne Riverside Arts Club-Clarence City Choir as definitely 'middle of the road'. A central tenet of Riverside's musical productions have evolved around Melody & Mirth style performances.

However, the choir have also performed Rock 'n' Roll and a couple of classic musical Handel choruses! Also included at many of the concerts have been supportive short drama segments & pantomimes. At the Christmas Concert, 2009 we featured a thirty minute rehearsed performed reading of a one act play, and in 2010 a rehearsed performed reading of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” under the direction of Philip Crouch.

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